Self-Assessment Procedure

It defines the Self-Assessment Procedure of the Graduate Program in Forest Sciences of the Federal University of Espírito Santo - PPGCFL/UFES, through Resolution 001/2020 of PPGCFL in the attachment below.

The Self-Assessment of the PPGCFL/UFES consists in a set of policies, guidelines and instruments interrelated and systemic, with the goal of implementing the self-assessment process and allowing for a continued search for improvement.

The goals of the Self-Assessment of the PPGCFL/UFES are:

  1. Evaluate, in a systematic and periodical way, the functionality of the PPGCFL/UFES and provide self-adjustment mechanismswhenever necessary;
  2. Stimulate the search for standards of operational excellence, through the identification of opportunities of improvement, within a process of search for continued improvement;  
  3. Provide mechanisms to align with internal evaluating policies of UFES, defined and implemented by the Resolution n. 49/2016 of the Conselho Universitário (University Council) of UFES and follow its implementation by the Comissão Própria de Avaliação (Internal Assessment Committee) - CPA;
  4. Provide mechanisms to align with the internal/external evaluation policies of UFES, defined by CAPES;
  5. Ensure communication channels permanently  open to students and teachers of PPGCFL/UFES to receive reports, complaints and suggestions.


Art. 8 of the Resolution 01/2020. The Internal Committee  of Evaluation of PPGCFL/UFES will be constituted by 5 (five) members, with total autonomy over the matter, therefore, composed by:

a) 03 (three) permanent teachers of the PPGCFL/UFES

b) 01 (one) student representative of the PPGCFL/UFES

c) 01 (one) magistrate (teacher external to PPGCFL/UFES).

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