For the granting and maintenance of scholarships in any modality and from any source, all the criteria required by CAPES in the Regulation of the Social Demand Program (Ordinance No. 76, of April 14, 2010) are ratified:
I - Complete dedication to the activities of the PGCF.
II - Establish residence in the city WHERE the course is held.
III - To demonstrate satisfactory academic performance, according to the norms contained in article 3 (Bags only).
IV - When you have an employment relationship, you are freed from professional activities and Perception of maturities.
V - Not having any working relationship with UFES.
VI - Perform teaching internship in accordance with what is established in art. 18 of Ordinance No. 76, of 14 of CAPES.
VII - When a public servant, only the stable ones can benefit from scholarships, as Provided for in art. 318 of Law 11,907, of February 2, 2009.
VIII - To be classified in the selective process specially established by the PPGFS of UFES.
IX - Do not accumulate the perception of the scholarship with any modality of aid or scholarship of another program of CAPES, of another public, national or international fomentation agency, or public or private company.
X - Delivery to the Secretariat of the PGCF of the Term of Commitment of Annex 1 of this Resolution, duly completed and accompanied by proof of residence

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