Academic Collegiate

The Collegiate of the Graduate Program in Forest Sciences is consultative, normative and deliberative. Hence, it supports the Program coordination in the management of the courses, as well as deliberates about actions developed with the academic body of the PPGCFL.

The composition of the PPGCFL Collegiate is in the following way:

Coordinator as President of the Academic Collegiate
Sub-coordinator of the course
1 (one) permanent teacher, member of the Research Line in Geotechnology and Forest Ecology
1 (one) permanent teacher, member of the Research Line in Management of Natural Resources
1 (one) permanent teacher, member of the Research Line in Forest Products
1 (one) permanent teacher, member of the Research Line in Forestry
1 (one) student representative

*Except for the Coordinator and Sub-Coordinator of the program, all of the other representatives have the right to have a substitute, elected among peers.

*The Collegiate decisions are made by vote of 50% plus one. the President of the collegiate meeting votes only in cases of a tie.

Scholarship Committee:

According to the CAPES Ordinance nº 52, of 26th of May in 2000, each graduate program must establish a Scholarship Committee, composed by at least three members: the Coordinator of the program (President of the Committee), one representative of the permanent staff of the program and one of the student body.

The Scholarship Committee takes care of the criteria definition, maintenance and redistribution of the allocated scholarships directly to the Program.

Permanent Committee to review the bylaws

This permanent committee discusses possible improvements to the current text of the bylaws, in order to improve the program operability and stay aligned with the national graduate guidelines. The committee is composed by one teacher representative from each focus area of the program. 

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