The PPGCFL is based in the Departamento de Ciências Florestais (Department of Forest Sciences), in the municipality of Jerônimo Monteiro, ES, and counts with all of its physical infrastructure, used in conjunction with undergraduate courses in Forest Engineering and Industrial Timber Engineering which includes classrooms, library, cabinets, labs, experimental areas and administrative rooms. Besides that, it counts with multiuser labs and experimental farms located in the municipalities of Alegre/ES and São José do Calçado/ES, also linked to the Centro de Ciências Agrárias e Engenharias of UFES (Center of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering).

LABS FROM THE DEPARTAMENTO DE CIÊNCIAS FLORESTAIS E DA MADEIRA IN JERÔNIMO MONTEIRO (Department of Forest Sciences and Wood in the Municipality of Jerônimo Monteiro)

These labs are directly connected to the PPGCFL activities, being the foundation for the development of the major part of research conducted by master and doctoral students and by undergraduates in initial scientific training. A general search can be done in the following website:


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