Selection processes

The Selective Process will comprise the following phases:
A) Evaluation of the Proposal for action, with an eliminatory character. The minimum grade for approval in this assessment is equal to 60 (sixty) points. The candidate who obtains a grade equal to or greater than 60 (sixty) will be considered fit.
B) Evaluation of Curriculum Vitae, of classification character.
C) Evaluation of Graduate School History, with a classification character.

Special student
In addition to the selected students for the **Postgraduate Program in Forestry Sciences (PPGFS)**, can obtain enrollment, in a special way, in courses of the Program:

A) Students linked to Graduate Programs of other national or foreign higher education institutions, with the Origin Program being responsible for the justification and the request;

B) Fellows of Improvement, provided that they are involved in research projects approved within the Institution, with the Advisor being responsible for the request / justification and to the Academic Collegiate of the **PPGFS**, in case of agreement, to proceed with the request;

C) Graduated professionals who demonstrate the need to acquire the knowledge of the discipline intended to apply it to the teaching or research that they are developing, with the immediate head being responsible for the justification and the request for coordination.

It will be up to the Academic Collegiate to approve or reject the request of the special students.

The application for admission should follow what is stated in the Academic Calendar of the **PPGFS** and will be governed by specific resolution.

Admission of the special student will be valid for only one term.

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